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Christ Church Church Of England Primary School


Our school had its last Ofsted Inspection on 28th November 2018.  This was designated as a short inspection.

Please see copies of our Ofsted reports here

2018 Inspection Grading and Findings

The school continues to be good.

Pupils are polite, friendly and provide visitors with a warm welcome.  They display high standards of behaviour in and out of lessons.  Pupils' attitudes to learning are very positive, and they work hard.  They say that they like coming to school because they enjoy learning.  They appreciate the wide range of resources and equipment that are available to support their learning.  Pupils are confident and articulate when talking about their work or expressing their views and ideas. 

Pupils said that they feel safe in school and they know that they can share any concerns with their teachers.  They talked knowledgeably about safety procedures, including hat they have to do in cases of lockdown or when a fire breaks out, for example.  The school promotes safety in various ways.  For example, there are regular visits from the police.  The most recent work that has been carried out has been in relation to 'stranger danger', water safety and the potential dangers of the internet. 

Children achieve well in the early years.  Teachers have developed a culture that promotes and fosters children's love of reading.  Staff use effective strategies for teaching phonics and early reading skills.  Children acquire strong knowledge of phonics, and they apply this when they are engaged in reading and writing activities.  They make equally strong progress in mathematics as they are provided with plenty of opportunities to develop their understanding of numbers and shapes.

Adults provide well targeted support to extend children's learning, and children respond positively to challenges that adults pose.  For example, children extend their communication skills in response to adults' strong modelling of language.

In key stage 1, pupils are given opportunities to practise and consolidate their writing skills.  Teachers encourage them to be ambitious in their writing, and pupils respond positively.  They apply their phonics knowledge to spell difficult or unfamiliar words and experiment with new vocabulary.  They often write extensively, using accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation.  In key stage 2, teachers support pupils to ensure that they are using more complex sentences when writing.  They are encouraged to check their work regularly to ensure that grammar, spelling and punctuation are accurate.  This enables more pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, to meet the expected standard in writing. 

Leaders have implemented a rich, well-thought-out curriculum.  It enables pupils to acquire strong knowledge and skills across subjects. 

Ofsted Report 2018