Year 5

Year 5 Warhol

Year 5 Warhol have made an enthusiastic and hardworking start to the new school year and are showing a positive attitude to their learning.

When asked about what they enjoy doing replies included: -

 ‘I love finding out about other faiths so I can understand people better’

 ‘Doing investigations and solving problems in maths is good and really makes me think’

 ‘I love reading a book altogether and sharing our ideas’

 ‘Learning about the past is really interesting ‘

 ‘Doing embroidery and learning how to sew is really good’

‘Science has been great especially the tests and investigations’

The school day is varied and fast moving and we learn many new skills and gather interesting information. We are already showing good progress in the key skills we use every day. We are continuing our focus on spelling, learning spelling patterns and rules to make our writing even better.

In maths we have been consolidating place value and applying our knowledge to problem solving and multi-step investigations. We are learning how to use our mathematical skill to solve these problems. The photograph shows us adding ideas to the working wall.

Year 5 Singh

In 5 Singh class, we have made a positive and dynamic start to the year. We are all very excited about our learning and the year ahead. When asked about what they have enjoyed about their learning the children replied:

‘I really enjoy science and the experiments that we are doing.’

‘I have really enjoyed learning new songs and getting ready for the O2.’

‘Photography has been really enjoyable. Taking photos of nature is beautiful’

‘In maths I have been doing a project. I find it really exciting.’

‘Learning to weave in DT has been great. I have made beautiful things.’

In Maths we have been consolidating our knowledge of place value and have applied this to problems that have a real life context. In English we have been working on editing our work looking to make improvements to the grammar, spelling and language that we use in our written work and referring to our working wall.

We are enjoying our rehearsals and getting to know the songs for ‘Young Voices’ at the O2 arena next term and are looking forward to learning the actions to accompany the songs.

We have really enjoyed our start to the year, it has been fun, entertaining and enjoyable for all. We are really looking forward to gaining more confidence in using our skills as we progress through the year.