Year 1

Year 1 Curie and Hawking 2023/2024

We have had a fantastic start to Year 1 and have learnt lots already! In our phonics lessons, we have been revising our phase 2 and 3 sounds. Our tricky words have tried to trick us out but we use our reading eyes and our working walls to help us if we are not sure of our spellings. We are so enthusiastic, we have started learning our new phase five sounds. We know that ‘f’ and ‘ph’ make the same sound. Fab phonics!

In English, we have been linking our learning to our Science topic of ‘Animals including humans’ and ‘seasonal change’. We have been observing changes to the natural environment and have explored these changes with our different senses. We then used these ideas to create some wonderful Autumn Senses Poetry! Did you know that we have five senses that we use to help us understand the world around us? We are learning to write sentences using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces, as well as using some of our new Year 1 sounds in our writing! We have now started learning about the story of Diwali and have discussed how people celebrate different holidays and important times throughout the year. We have made mind maps of the story and characters. We will use these mind maps to help us write a wonderful descriptive ending to the Diwali story.

In Mathematics, we have been practising our problem solving and reasoning skills! We have looked at how the numbers within 10 are made and developed our understanding of number bonds. We have been exploring how numbers link together in many pictorial ways, the number family triangle, part whole models, bar models and using a number line! We have even learnt how to write number sentences using the plus, subtract and equals symbols!

Within the wider curriculum, we have been learning lots as well! In science, we have been learning about the seasons and the weather associated with each of them. We have been recognising the signs of Autumn and became meteorologists making wind streamers to investigate the direction of the wind. We have even set up a rain gauge to see how much rainfall we get in a week! We have used sensible guesses called ‘predictions’ to say how much rain we might get. We have chosen focus trees around our school environment to monitor and observe the changes over the year. In Art, we have inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy to create Autumn themed artwork from natural materials.

In our indoor PE lessons, we have been practising our core strength skills through the use of animal movements. We have also been perfecting our ball skills in outdoor PE. This new half term, we will learn a new game called ‘tag rugby’ and continue to work on our core strength through our gymnastics lessons.

In our History lessons this term, we will be learning about the why poppies are worn during this month of November and why we remember the 5th – fireworks night. We are going to be walking to the Surbiton Memorial later in the term.

In RE, we will be learning about Christingles and thinking carefully about the symbol of ‘light’ at Christmas time. In music, we are working hard to learn our Christmas songs for our Christmas show! We are very excited to put on a performance for our families!

We can’t wait to continue our learning journey through Year One and are looking forward to a fantastic, fun-filled year.