Attendance, Illness & Absence

Attendance & Absence

The school day is in two sessions. Attendance registers have to be called at the beginning of the morning and afternoon sessions and pupils marked present or absent. Schools also have to record in their registers whether an absence of a pupil of compulsory school age is authorised or unauthorised. Authorised absence is absence which has been authorised by the Headteacher. Unauthorised absence is absence which has not been authorised by the Headteacher. This includes all unexplained and unjustified absences. Please see the Absence from School request form below.

Request for Absence


The School Nurse

The role of the School Nurse is to enable each child to reach his/her own health potential and thereby benefit fully from educational opportunities and make informed health choices throughout their life.

Each child is offered a height, weight, hearing and vision check, usually by the school health assistant. Children are selected for more in-depth health assessment interviews with the School Nurse or medicals with the Community Paediatrician. The School Nurse offers support and advice to children and their families with individual health needs, and provides health promotion to groups within the School.

Illness at School

Children who are taken ill at School are cared for by the office staff. Since medical facilities are limited, it is usually necessary to ask parents or carers to take their child home.

Illness at Home

Should your child become ill at home, please advise the School in the morning. In order to reduce the risk of spreading illness you are advised to keep your child at home until he/she is well enough to return to school. The PSA Welcome Pack has all the details.