About Us

Our Mission Statement

Where ‘Every Child Matters’

We strive to ensure our pupils will:

  • Be safe
  • Be healthy and happy
  • Enjoy learning
  • Achieve success
  • Be able to contribute to their school and society
  • Be prepared for a life in the 21st Century

Our Vision

Our vision for CCP is an inclusive and high quality learning environment that bases relationships on Christian values and uses technology to enhance the way we teach and learn, thus laying the foundations for continuous improvement and lifelong learning. Our vision is of a school full of children who are independent learners, working collaboratively as they evolve into global citizens, understanding the process of learning, thinking, and decision-making.

We are continually striving to be an inclusive school. We recognise that inclusion is not a single event, indeed not even a goal but a direction. Inclusion is not another name for how we provide for those pupils that with SEN, or about increasing the range of children in mainstream education. It is essentially about providing quality of opportunity for all, irrespective of; gender; ethnicity; religion; ability ; those who are at risk of disaffection or exclusion, or those with physical difficulties.

We have a motivated and skilled workforce that embraces change positively, thus equipping our school for learning in the 21st century. To do this we will develop the potential of all our staff by providing high quality training for teachers and all support staff. We are committed to working together and through wider networks to learn from each other and share best practice.

School Life

The School has four basic rules:

  • Care for and respect each other
  • Be safe
  • Take care of property
  • Be proud of yourself, your class and your School

Our Aims

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Achievement & Standards For all children to make significant progress in knowledge, understanding and skills; in attitudes and values; as social beings and as lifelong learners Enjoy & achieve
Personal Development & Well-Being For all children to enjoy their education, feel safe and practise a healthy lifestyle Be healthy
Stay safe
Make a positive contribution
Achieve economic well-being
Quality of Provision To achieve a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum throughout the school which meets the needs of children and statutory requirements
To offer a relevant curriculum with flexible approaches to learning
To create a stimulating environment
Be healthy
Stay safe
Make a positive contribution
Achieve economic well-being
Leadership & Management To give a clear direction and purpose which is translated into clear targets
Premises To establish and maintain all premises in good order with adequate facilities for the education and care of all pupils Stay safe